Kelsie Erickson Burford – Professional Bowhunter

Kelsie wants to encourage woman of all ages that there is hope and a better life out there, to speak out, to never be afraid, and not let others dictate your life. Kelsie is a survivor, like most victims she too wondered why me. She was abused for 3yrs as a young child. Keslie was also a victim of bullying, which took her dream of playing college basketball. She battled PTSD, suicide, and depression. For half of her life she let others dictate her life and let them win. Meeting Johnny (her husband) and hunting has empowered her to pursue her athletic abilities in a way she never thought existed. She is mentally and physically tough. She is blessed to be able to have the ability to hunt in terrain most men cannot endeavor. Last year Kelsie drew a Montana Rocky Mountain Goat tag, in the steepest, most rugged terrain Montana has to offer. She was able to harvest a billy with her bow at over 10,00ft elevation, and get engaged on the side of a cliff, all in one day. Her story was chosen by Eastman’s Magazine to be the first woman ever to grace the cover of their Bowhunting Journal. These moments and achievements were worth all the pain and struggles she’s gone through in her life. Kelise currently resides in Montana with her husband Johnny.